Croakies are made to help secure your eyewear. Mainly used for sunglasses and children's eyewear, they are available in an assortment of colors and styles.


We have a stylish assortment of cases available for eyewear, sun and contact lenses.

Eyeglass Chains

We also have a selection of eyewear chains to connect to your glasses or readers!  

Custom Clip-Ons

Chemistrie offers a polarized, magnetic clip-on that is custom-created to match the base curve and shape of your prescription glasses.


We have a variety of readers available!


KleerSpex is a biodegradable solution that is easy on your lenses and the environment. We offer 1oz and 8oz bottle sizes. To continue going green, bring in your empty bottle for a .99 cent refill! We also offer micro fiber lens cloths from KleerSpex.

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