Our new and improved optical features a wide variety of unique eyewear equipped to your personal style. You may be a business man looking for a classic style. You could be an athlete needing a pair of glasses for golf to help you perform like the pros. Are you a fashionista wanting to take on the new “geek-chic” trend? What about a hobby fanatic that could use specialty eyewear catered to you?

Just like shoes, frames come in different shapes and sizes. Our optical consultants are trained to select the proper fit for your unique features. They will assist you with your everyday needs and are knowledgeable about the latest trends! We want you to look great, feel amazing and see the world clearly through your new eyewear.

Luxury Style

Tom Ford

Availability: men, women, sun

Inspired by the past and presented in a contemporary way, Tom Fords have a timeless style charactereized by details that make the collection unique and distinguishable. The men's styles are classic and refined, keeping each piece sophisticated and discreetly luxurious. The women's styles are elegant and chic with a sexy edge that will not go unnoticed.


Availability: men, women, sun

Persol has become an icon of style and quality with the very latest in technology and design. Updated with luxurious details in precious materials, this collection beautifully blends the future with the past. 

For more information on Persol Click Here.

IC! Berlin

ic berlin600x200

Ic! Berlin is a beautiful and refined frame line made in Berlin-Mitte, Germany. These frames are renowned for their screwless hinges, lightweight materials, and one-of-a-kind frame designs.

For more information on Ic! Berlin Click Here

Sun Wear

Maui Jim

Availability: men, women

Maui Jim Sunglasses offer a high-performance design with revulotionary, color-enhancing treatments in the form of rare earth elements which really pop the color that your eye takes in.

For more information on Maui Jim Click Here.

Costa Del Mar

Availability: men, women

Costa Del Mar provides the clearest sunglasses on the planet during all of life’s adventures. By creating glasses specifically designed for fishing and adventure, you will see the world in absolute clarity while also protecting your eyes.

For more information on Costa Del Mar Click Here.


Availability: men, women, juniors

Ray-Ban brings you great sun protection with polarized lenses and anti-glare coatings. They also provide a great variety of styles from retro, classic, colorful and futuristic models.


Availability: men, women

Fitovers are sunglasses designed to be worn over prescription eyewear.

Custom Clip-Ons

Custom clip-ons are a convenient way to wear your glasses, and have UVA and UVB protection with polarization.

Light Weight


Availability: men, women, sun

The Silhouette design priority is sensual lightness from purist and flowing shapes that cosmetically and softly hug the face of the wearer. This line stands for the highest quality standards, incomparable wearing comfort, and long-lasting use. These screwless frames are light, innovative, elegant, timeless, and honest.

For more information on Silhouette Click Here.


Availability: men, women

Lightec features a range of shapes and concepts, including a classical segment. The frames use a poprietary flex hinge system requiring no screw, coils, or springs.

For more information on Lightec Click Here.


Availability: men, women

Ad-Lib implies spontaneity and freedom of expression. With frame colors and forms influenced by the latest fashion and sport technology trends, this line mixes lightweight durable materials and a unique hinge system to achieve essential comfort for the wearer.



Availability: men, women

Strongly rooted in classic Danish design, Prodedisn creates award-winning, quality products with an aesthetic appeal and a little unexpected twist. These frames are not only beautiful design objects, but they also enhance and complete the best facial features.

For more information on Prodesign Click Here.


Availability: men, women

Designed and manufactured in France, Oxibis draws inspiration from the local industrial fabric to bring its designs to the 21st century.

For more information on Oxibis Click Here.


Availability: men, women, sun

Traction combines Californian modernity and French refinement to create unique eye wear. They create an association of shapes and colors without any restriction.

For more information on Traction Click Here.


Availability: men, women

The collection is designed in vibrant colors with precision technology to create the utmost comfort.

For more information on Legre Click Here.


Availability: men, women, sun, kids

Ogi re-defines affordable luxury by offering designs inspired by modern architecture at unprecedented price points. This unique eyewear collection is only sold by select optical retailers worldwide. 

For more information on Ogi Click Here.


Availability: men, women, sun

Seraphin is a neoclassic collection that hearkens back to a time of sophistication and romance.

For more information on Seraphin Click Here.


Availability: men, women, teens, kids

Menizzi is an innovative line made in Italy that is devoted to bringing high-end fashion eye wear to serve the needs of those with petite faces.


Availability: men

OGA is inspired by architecture, and geared toward the self-confident, image conscious, modern man. Stainless steel, rubber, titanium, and even wood are deployed for a product that is bold without being overstated.

Scott Harris

Availability: men, women, sun

This diverse collection features both traditional, unisex styling and the ultimate in high fashion designs for those seeking a unique look. Eyewear is constructed from the finest components.

For more information on Scott Harris Click Here.

Brand Names

Vera Wang


Vera Wangs are designed for women by an award-winning American fashion designer. Vintage-inspired shapes, innovative color mixes, patterns, textures, details, and jewelry motifs are all translated from Vera Wang's fashion collection.

For more information on Vera Wang Click Here.

Lilly Pulitzer

Availability:women, teens, girls

The color-craver seeks color and feminine looks that are unique to her personality. Lilly brings just that with a celebration of life and patterns.

For more information on Lilly Pulitzer Click Here.


Availability:women, teens, kids, sun

Kensie brings a world of trends with a feminine yet raw spin, and a dose of playful charisma. The frames reqpresent electric tastes that are driven by modern culture.

For more information on Kensie Click Here.


Availability:men, women, sun

CK is a brand for the modern, urban, active, and self-confident individual. These frames consist of fashionable, colorful, and youthful designs which appeal not only to the young, but also to the young of heart.

For more information on CK Click Here.

Calvin Klein

Availability: men, women, sun

The collection with a rich, clean, modern silhouette made of luxurious and high quality materials.

For more information on Calvin Klein Click Here.

Vera Bradley


Availability:women, teens, girls, sun

Brings the fun, vibrant prints from the well known Vera Bradley handbags to eye wear.

For more information on Vera Bradley Click Here.

Kate Spade


Availability:women, sun

Collection is designed with the classic, elegant, and feminine styling that is so unique to Kate Spade.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Availability: men, women, sun

Features contemporary styling with fresh fashion elements. Colors are bold and iconic graphic elements provide an edgy, yet refined designer look.

For more information on Marc by Marc Jacobs Click Here.


Availability:men, boys, sun

Sleek, stainless steel made for a snug and easy fit under a motorcycle helmet.

For more information on Harley-Davidson Click Here.


Availability: teens, kids

It features an exciting range of high-definition graphics, trend-right shapes, and distinct patterns.

For more information on Sketchers Click Here.


Availability: men, women, juniors, ophthalmic

Ray Ban offers a line of eyewear that resembles the popular sunwear pieces. Known best for their plastic wayfarer look.

Kenneth Cole

Availability: men, women

The design and architectural philosophy of the Kenneth Cole New York collection is elegant and stylish, targeted to a discerning customer who appreciates luxury.

For more information on Kenneth Cole Click Here.

Sports Eyewear

Liberty Sport/Rec Specs

Availability:adults, kids

Unique, advantaged eyewear solutions for athletes to protect their vision and improve their performance.

For more information on Liberty Sport/Rec Specs Click Here.


Availability:men, kids

Meets the need of every athlete, from the elite to the sports inspired. Provides secure wrap temples and flexon memory metal.

For more information on Nike Click Here.


Availability:men, women, sun

High-end materials and high tech innovation, all working seamlessly together to optimize performance.



Availability: men, women, children

Brings a unique flexibility of the memory metal that produces bendable frames that are lighter, stronger and more comfortable.

For more information on Flexon Frames Click Here.

Easy Twist

Availability: men, women, children

Uses the material “trilaston” which is a memory metal with a copper-aluminum based alloy that is not only hypo-allergenic, but also very resistant to stress, shock, corrosion, and extreme temperature changes.

Mira Flex

Availability: kids

Offers top quality frames that are designed with the child in mind, whether a few months old or an adolescent.



Availability:men, women

Titanium perfection provides innovative technology and superior wearer comfort.

Conservative Styles

Liz Claiborne



Deliver truly wearable, feminine designs that range from classic to fresh and modern.



Contemporary all-American styling that suits active lifestyles.


Availability:men, women

Offers an excellent value with a combination of plastics and metals in classic shapes and designs.

Safilo Elasta

Availability:men, women

Styles that are reliable, comfortable, conservative and accommodates progressive-style lenses.



The ideal eyewear for those seeking contemporary style and premium quality.




The PEZ® collection offers stylish and classic eyewear for children in bright colored plastics, and super tough metals. Cable temples and pediatric fits are available for infants.

For more information on PEZ Click Here.



Jalapeños eyewear captures the attitude of the young adult market utilizing the latest trends in graphic treatments, shapes, colors and materials.

For more information on Jalapeños Click Here.

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