Availability: men, women

Strongly rooted in classic Danish design, Prodedisn creates award-winning, quality products with an aesthetic appeal and a little unexpected twist. These frames are not only beautiful design objects, but they also enhance and complete the best facial features.

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Availability: men, women

Designed and manufactured in France, Oxibis draws inspiration from the local industrial fabric to bring its designs to the 21st century.

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Availability: men, women, sun

Traction combines Californian modernity and French refinement to create unique eye wear. They create an association of shapes and colors without any restriction.

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Availability: men, women

The collection is designed in vibrant colors with precision technology to create the utmost comfort.

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Availability: men, women, sun, kids

Ogi re-defines affordable luxury by offering designs inspired by modern architecture at unprecedented price points. This unique eyewear collection is only sold by select optical retailers worldwide. 

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Availability: men, women, sun

Seraphin is a neoclassic collection that hearkens back to a time of sophistication and romance.

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Availability: men, women, teens, kids

Menizzi is an innovative line made in Italy that is devoted to bringing high-end fashion eye wear to serve the needs of those with petite faces.


Availability: men

OGA is inspired by architecture, and geared toward the self-confident, image conscious, modern man. Stainless steel, rubber, titanium, and even wood are deployed for a product that is bold without being overstated.

Scott Harris

Availability: men, women, sun

This diverse collection features both traditional, unisex styling and the ultimate in high fashion designs for those seeking a unique look. Eyewear is constructed from the finest components.

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