Brand Names

Vera Wang


Vera Wangs are designed for women by an award-winning American fashion designer. Vintage-inspired shapes, innovative color mixes, patterns, textures, details, and jewelry motifs are all translated from Vera Wang's fashion collection.

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Lilly Pulitzer

Availability:women, teens, girls

The color-craver seeks color and feminine looks that are unique to her personality. Lilly brings just that with a celebration of life and patterns.

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Availability:women, teens, kids, sun

Kensie brings a world of trends with a feminine yet raw spin, and a dose of playful charisma. The frames reqpresent electric tastes that are driven by modern culture.

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Availability:men, women, sun

CK is a brand for the modern, urban, active, and self-confident individual. These frames consist of fashionable, colorful, and youthful designs which appeal not only to the young, but also to the young of heart.

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Calvin Klein

Availability: men, women, sun

The collection with a rich, clean, modern silhouette made of luxurious and high quality materials.

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Vera Bradley


Availability:women, teens, girls, sun

Brings the fun, vibrant prints from the well known Vera Bradley handbags to eye wear.

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Kate Spade


Availability:women, sun

Collection is designed with the classic, elegant, and feminine styling that is so unique to Kate Spade.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Availability: men, women, sun

Features contemporary styling with fresh fashion elements. Colors are bold and iconic graphic elements provide an edgy, yet refined designer look.

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Availability:men, boys, sun

Sleek, stainless steel made for a snug and easy fit under a motorcycle helmet.

For more information on Harley-Davidson Click Here.


Availability: teens, kids

It features an exciting range of high-definition graphics, trend-right shapes, and distinct patterns.

For more information on Sketchers Click Here.


Availability: men, women, juniors, ophthalmic

Ray Ban offers a line of eyewear that resembles the popular sunwear pieces. Known best for their plastic wayfarer look.

Kenneth Cole

Availability: men, women

The design and architectural philosophy of the Kenneth Cole New York collection is elegant and stylish, targeted to a discerning customer who appreciates luxury.

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