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We are all about personalization. We provide lenses that can fit your everyday lifestyle. From single vision to no-line progressive users, we can customize the perfect one for you…kind of like a soul mate.

Here is a break down of the technologically advanced products we love and recommend:

High Definition Digital Progressive Lens

When choosing between a conventional progressive and a high definition digital progressive lens, consider the differences between a high definition television versus a tube television. As time changes, technology does as well. With a high definition digital progressive lens you will experience a customization at its best providing you with a clearer vision in every gaze direction. Eliminating more distortion will help you be able to balance your far and near vision much easier.


High Definition Digital Single Vision

Much like the high definition digital progressive lens, this lens gives you a clearer picture, only it is for single vision wearers. If you wear contacts more than your glasses but are looking to change it up a little, this lens is perfect for you! It will make the prescription look exactly like how it did in the exam room. It is that precise!

Occupational Lens

An occupational lens is a design in prescription eyewear that allows the wearer to view all working distances, side to side, up and down, within a conventional working distance, or small environment.  A working distance typical to many occupations will fall somewhere between ten to thirteen feet, respectively.

Anti-fatigue Lenses

The best thing since sliced bread! This lens is made to help anyone who is not wearing a progressive that needs an extra bump for their near. It prevents eye strain, and neck fatigue. We suggest an anti-fatigue lens for anyone who is in school, at the computer a lot, or seem to get headaches while working.

Trivex Lenses

The most impact resistant lenses on the market. They are incredibly tough and scratch resistant. They are designed to live up to the demanding life of every member of your family. These lenses are perfect for everyone, especially for active children and rimless frame wearers.

Hi-Index Lenses


Hi-Index lens material is made for patients that have higher or a more complex prescription. It reduces the size of the lenses making the eyewear be more appealing to the wearer. Say goodbye to “coke-bottle” glasses!


Anti-reflective is a treatment for lenses to help eliminate reflections by allowing more light to pass through the lens. It is great to relieve eye strain at the computer during the day, and corrects halos for night driving. With time anti-reflective treatment has grown into a more technical product, reducing static, dirt and smudges making them easier to clean.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are great for sunglasses. Compared to tinting, polarization blocks UVA and UVB rays. It also eliminates glare by blocking harmful rays through a filter. There is a broad color selection to cater to your outdoor hobbies. Polarized lenses are suggested to be used by fisherman, golfers, day drivers, and anyone looking for good protective sun wear.


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