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We have a very unique culture at LFVC, so it is important to make sure that we are as good of a match for you as you are for us. Each member of our team must be able to dabble in every department; there are no one-trick-ponies here. We expect everyone to be cross-trained across all departments so that any one person can help our patients in any way that they need.

On top of that, each person has his or her own specialty that goes outside of the usual job description. From community outreach to quality control to social media, we will find a way to work your passion into your position.

Working at LFVC is not just another job. It is a career path.

Our patients love that they can come back from year-to-year and recognize the same faces, and we do, too. We are a tight-knit group who works hard and plays hard. Interested in joining us? Keep reading.

Open Positions

Optical Consultant

Are you patient enough to explain how to use an iPhone to your grandparents? Can you fix a broken watch with just a twist tie and a bit of luck? Are you only satisfied after your movie collection has been organized by title, genre, director, and Rotten Tomatoes rating? Then you will make a great optician at LFVC.

We Have

  • A dynamic, “can do” team who loves to play
  • A fashion-forward and ever-changing selection of designer frames
  • The latest in optical technology and trends
  • A crazy schedule and a long to-do list

You Have 

  • A college degree
  • Preferably, CPO, CPOA, or ABO certification
  • Retail and fashion experience
  • A flexible schedule, especially on evenings and weekends
  • A creative mind that can solve big problems, little problems, and unimaginable problems
  • Confidence in consulting on and presenting a product
  • A good relationship with computers and finicky fax machines
  • Ears that not only hear, but listen to what a patient is telling you
  • Concise but friendly written and oral communication skills
  • A quick wit for thinking critically in high-pressure situations
  • Patience, professionalism, and positivity

We are looking for someone who learns quickly on their feet and doesn’t crack under pressure. We’re a fun bunch, but we work long hours, rarely take breaks, and the workload never lessens.

A Day in the Life 

Frame selections

  • Assist patients in finding frames that fit their lifestyle and measurements
  • Educate patients on lens technology
  • Measure patients’ pupillary distances and ocular centers
  • Authorize, explain, apply, and submit a variety of insurances
  • Fill out proper paperwork for warranties, waivers, and orders
  • Coordinate frame and lens orders with manufacturers and labs
  • Follow-through with patients and ease their minds when delays occur

Adjustments and Repairs

  • Listen attentively to patients to hear what issues they are having
  • Follow manufacturer-specific protocol for warranties
  • Fix temple pieces, nose pads, popped lenses, liners, and more
  • Be comfortable touching people’s faces and ears in order to get exact adjustments
  • Dispenses
  • Adjust symmetrical frames to asymmetrical faces
  • Be willing to spend time helping patients adjust to new prescriptions and frames


  • Perform quality control inspections on completed orders
  • Use the manual and automatic lensometers
  • Communicate with patients through calls, texts, and emails

“Free” Time

  • Manage your designated desk and displays
  • Keep a detailed inventory of the entire department
  • Answer the non-stop flood of phone calls, voicemails, and emails

Insurance and Billing Coordinator

Seriously, does anybody really understand insurance? If Scrabble and Sudoku is what your game night consists of and PR-96 or Modifier 25 floats your boat, than you are one of a kind and should apply here!

We Have

  • Continued education and certification
  • Fantastic and diverse team
  • Guacamole maker ;-)
  • Team effort
  • Little Utopia

A Day in the Life

  • Review and correct insurance claims
  • Submit and post insurance payments
  • Go through patient and insurance aging
  • Check through patient collections and balances
  • Monitor accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Answer any insurance related questions
  • Assist with high volume of incoming phone calls and text messages

Medical Assistant

Do you willingly spend time looking at diseased and traumatized eyes on the internet? Are you willing to perform the dreaded air puff glaucoma test on patients (which will undoubtedly make you one of the most feared people in town)? Do you love people of all ages and want to help them get the best eye care possible? Maybe you should consider being a Medical Assistant at LFVC.

We Have

  • A strong, experienced, and fearless team
  • Patients who need help six days a week
  • Compassion out the wazoo
  • A dedication to never treating the people we see as cookie-cutter patients

You Have

  • A quick mind for problem solving and a quick eye for detail
  • Experience with electronic medical records and insurance
  • CNA or CMA
  • At least one year of experience as a medical assistant
  • A genuine eagerness to help people
  • A flexible schedule
  • A charming and friendly personality
  • A voice that even the hard-of-hearing can hear
  • Self motivation

The Medical Assistants are the unsung heroes of the office. They see every single patient who comes in and are the direct link between the patients and the doctors. The Medical Assistants arrive early, stay late, and are always on their game.

A Day in the Life

  • Provide hands on patient care with one or more of our providers
  • Room patients, chart exams, and assist the provider with basic exams and procedures
  • Explain why the heck we need our patients to sit through all the comprehensive testing
  • Clean and restock the exam rooms, and sanitize equipment
  • Order and follow-up with contact lenses
  • Conduct contact lens classes (read: Be comfortable touching eyes.)
  • Scan in medical records
  • Check voicemails continuously and respond to all patient needs
  • Complete general office duties such as filing and answering phones
  • Form a strong team relationship with co-workers, providers, sales representatives, and management
  • Conduct quality control assessments
  • Continually seek education about optometric diseases, testing, pharmaceuticals, new vision products, and treatments 

Patient Relations Specialist

If you can smile for hours on end without your cheeks cramping, can multitask better than Nanny 911, and if you ask for sticky notes and pens instead of socks and toys for Christmas, you would fit in great as a Patient Relations Specialist at LFVC.

We Have

  • A cross-trained team who has knowledge of the entire office
  • An extremely fast-paced environment six days a week
  • Phones that don’t stop ringing
  • The friendliest faces in Lawrence

You Have

  • A quick brain that likes to problem solve on the fly
  • A great memory for tricky insurance plans that only pop up once a year
  • A pleasant phone voice
  • A flexible schedule, including on Saturdays
  • The ability to be interrupted, remember what you were doing, and repeat
  • Experience with insurance coding, even better if it was from a medical office
  • Grade A customer service skills
  • Computer skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity
  • The ability to effectively and kindly communicate both verbally and written with co-workers, physicians, and patients

The Patient Relations Specialists are the hosts of the LFVC party. They make sure everyone is comfortable and cared for, and they are quick to volunteer when someone needs assistance. If you are outgoing, energetic, and consider yourself a people-pleaser, this is the department for you.

A Day in the Life

  • Greet customers with a smile
  • Answer phone calls and assist the patient or transfer to the appropriate department
  • Obtain patient demographics and insurance information
  • Obtain proper HIPAA documentation and attach to patient record
  • Accurately enter demographics and insurance information to ensure proper billing
  • Pre-authorize each visit with insurance, attach proper documentation to the patient record, and create an insurance coverage handout for each patient
  • Assist customers with contact lens sales
  • Create fee slips for each visit and apply insurance properly with CPT and ICD codes
  • Assist with insurance submission
  • Complete general office duties to enhance patient flow and experience


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