Stylish Savings Package

Our optical features a wide variety of unique eyewear equipped for your personal style. We want you to look great, feel amazing and see the world clearly through your new eyewear.

Take advantage of our incredible savings and affordable frame line starting at $49 

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Designer Line






Kate Spade

Luxury Style

Tom Ford

Availability: men, women, sun

Inspired by the past and presented in a contemporary way, Tom Fords have a timeless style charactereized by details that make the collection unique and distinguishable. The men's styles are classic and refined, keeping each piece sophisticated and discreetly luxurious. The women's styles are elegant and chic with a sexy edge that will not go unnoticed.


Availability: men, women, sun

Persol has become an icon of style and quality with the very latest in technology and design. Updated with luxurious details in precious materials, this collection beautifully blends the future with the past.


Availability: men, women, sun, kids

The Silhouette design priority is sensual lightness from purist and flowing shapes that cosmetically and softly hug the face of the wearer. This line stands for the highest quality standards, incomparable wearing comfort, and long-lasting use. These screwless frames are light, innovative, elegant, timeless, and honest.


I’ve picked out a what?

We are all about personalization.

Do you have trouble driving at night? Is it hard to focus on your computer screen? Maybe you're just looking for something to improve your golf game. No matter what your needs or lifestyle, we can match you with your perfect lens soulmate.

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Croakies are made to help secure your eyewear. Mainly used for sunglasses and children's eyewear, they are available in an assortment of colors and styles.


We have a stylish assortment of cases available for eyewear, sun and contact lenses.

Eyeglass Chains

We also have a selection of eyewear chains to connect to your glasses or readers!

Custom Clip-Ons

Chemistrie offers a polarized, magnetic clip-on that is custom-created to match the base curve and shape of your prescription glasses.


KleerSpex is a biodegradable solution that is easy on your lenses and the environment. We offer 1oz and 8oz bottle sizes. To continue going green, bring in your empty bottle for a .99 cent refill! We also offer micro fiber lens cloths from KleerSpex.

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